Visit the Three Rivers Park District Web Site

Location: 40 Locations within the Three Rivers Park District

One of the best ways to explore year-round is to head out for a hike on the extensive trail system in Three Rivers. Hiking combines exercise and fresh air for a rejuvenating, stress-relieving experience. Trails wind through the woodland, grassland and wetland habitats of many species of wildlife. You’ll be amazed at what you might see along the way. In the spring, summer and fall, hikers can choose between paved bike/hike trails and unpaved hiking-only trails. Check out this website for more information.

Hiking in Scientific and Natural Areas
Visit the MN Department of Natural Resources Web Site

Location: Greater Minnesota

The natural areas of Minnesota include native plant communities, rare species and geologic features of statewide significance. Check out this website for more information about visiting them.

Walking Trails
Visit the Maplewood Nature Center Web Site

Location: Maplewood Nature Center

Maplewood Nature Center invites you and your family to come to the Visitor Center and begin your walk along the trail and floating boardwalk. Recently renovated trails make an ideal place for walking, viewing birds and wildlife and taking pictures.

Expert Advice - Kids and Hiking
Visit the REI Web Site

Location: Any Trail

This site gives you tips on how to prepare and plan for a hiking trip with the family. It contains information that will help make your hike more meaningful and enjoyable.

Visit the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board Web Site

Location: Minneapolis Park System

Get out and enjoy the trails and parkways of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway that showcase parks and lakes, gardens, historical sites, and diverse neighborhoods. Check out this website for basic trail information and trail safety information.

Hike in St. Paul Parks
Visit the St. Paul Parks and Recreation Web Site

Location: Parks throughout St Paul

Check out this website for St Paul parks & recreation maps.

Trails in Scott County
Visit the Scott County Parks and Trails Web Site

Location: Scott County Parks

Scott County offers a mix of trail opportunities, from walking and biking on the many neighborhood trail systems to hiking and mountain biking trails at our regional and state parks. 

Run/Walk/Hike in Carver Co
Visit the Carver County Parks Web Site

Location: Carver County Trails

Carver County offers a variety of trails for Families to enjoy. Check out this website for park & trail maps.

Hiking in the Refuge
Visit the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Web Site

Location: MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to hike. 34 miles of trails wander through prairies, wetlands, and hardwood forests. Visitors often see wildlife such as Bald Eagles, White-tailed Deer, Coyotes, and River Otter. The website’s maps page will get you to each trailhead on the different units on the refuge.

Visit the MN Department of Natural Resources Web Site

Location: Minnesota state forests & parks

From long treks along the rugged coast of Lake Superior, to wandering the open spaces of the Minnesota River Prairie, you'll find plenty of hiking opportunities in Minnesota's state forests, parks, SNAs, WMAs, and trails.

Visit the Dodge Nature Center Web Site

Location: Dodge Nature Center

Dodge Nature Center has three pieces of land that spans 320 acres where families are invited to come and walk the trails and boardwalks and enjoy nature.

Walking and Hiking Near the Mississippi
Visit the National Park Service - National River and Recreation Area Web Site

Location: Mississippi Recreational Area

Walking paths are usually on hard surface and relatively level. Hiking paths are more strenuous and may include unpaved paths and steeper grades. Whichever you choose, walking or hiking can be an great family activity without enduring any cost. Walking near the Mississippi or other rivers or lakes just adds another dimension of enjoyment for everyone.

Minnesota Hiking Opportunities
Visit the MN Department of Natural Resources Web Site

Location: Greater Minnesota

Discover trails outside of the State Parks system as an additional experience to enjoy.

Ramsey County Trails
Visit the Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Web Site

Location: Ramsey County Sites

This website will provide your family with trail maps and locations for hiking in Ramsey County. Both county and regional trail maps are available for you to download. Hiking is an inexpensive family activity that can be enjoyed by all.

Visit the Wood Lake Nature Center Web Site


Location: Richfield

On this website you will see a map of the walking/hiking trails at Woodlake Nature Center. A great place for a family walk to observe nature. Prairies, ponds and woodlands await your visit.

Walking/Hiking/Backpacking in Dakota County Parks
Visit the Dakota County Parks Web Site

Location: Dakota County Parks

Hiking is a great recreational activity to help you stay physically active year-round. Dakota County offers more than 50 miles of summer and winter hiking trails throughout the park system.

Hiking in Anoka County Parks
Visit the Anoka County Parks Web Site

Location: Anoka County Parks

Many miles of trails of various types are available for Families in the Anoka County Park System. Trail maps are available at this website.

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